rebuilt 02j vw 5 speed transmission
Rebuilt 020, 02a & 02j VW Transaxles
rebuilt 020 vw 5 speed transmission

see inside rebuilt VR6 02j vw 5 speed transmission
VIEW TYPICAL 020 VW 5 Speed Transmission REBUILD HERE

see inside rebuilt 02j  vw 5 speed transmission
VIEW Typical Rebuilt 99-2005 Golf Jetta VR6

see inside rebuilt02j vw 5 speed transmission
VIEW Typical Rebuilt 99-2005 1.8t 02j 5 Speed

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VW 020 differential bolt kit

Why do we always install new reverse gears on '93 & newer 020 VW transmission? Click Here
VW 020 Transmission Reverse Gears

View upgrade our O2J Differentials Click Here
VW 02j differential

020, 02j, 02a Transmission Codes & Ratios Click Here

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rebuilt 02j VR6 vw 5 speed transmission View this 02j VR6 Rebuilt VW Transaxle
Mrk IV 1999.5-2005
Updated VW VR6 Differential
rebuilt 020 CHE DFQ vw 5 speed transmission Rebuilt VW 020 DFQ CHE Rebuilt 5 Speed Transmission
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Differential Bolt Kit
For VW Golf, Jetta, & Cabrio
rebuilt close ratio vw transmission 4K VW Close Ratio
Transmission Ratios Available
rebuilt golf jetta vw transmission 85-92 Rebuilt A2 VW
Golf / Jetta 5 Speed Transmissions Available
rebuilt custom vw transmission
  • LSD Installation
  • Custom Gearing
  • Road Race, Street, Strip, Auto-X, Circle Track
  • Tall Diesel Gearing
  • Custom Applications
  • rebuilt vw 16v transmission 16V 020 Transaxle
    2Y & AGB Codes
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    rebuilt 02j tdi transmission 02j TDI
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  • Stock & High Ratio Units
  • Custom Transmission Rebuilding
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    VW 5 Speeds
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